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1 tbsp. Yeast Energizer. ½ tsp. Pectic Enzyme. 3 tbsp. Acid Blend. ½ tsp. Wine Tannin. 1 Packet of Wine Yeast: EC-1118. 10 Campden Tablets (5 prior to fermentation and 5 at bottling time)

Aug 26, 2017 – Ingre.nts. 4 quarts of chopped, unpeeled ripe pears (approximately five pounds) 3 cups of white raisins, chopped. 6 cups of cane sugar. 1 cup of light brown sugar. 4 quarts of water. 1 packet champagne yeast. 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient (optional)

Mar 24, 2016 – A simple recipe for homemade pear wine using basic ingre.nts. … 3/4 gallon pears; 2 lbs. sugar; 1 1/4 gallon boiling water; 1 packet or 1 tsp. bread yeast …. It's been 5 weeks and I did notice some starch settlement. But with …