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Method 1. Making Applejack. Sterilize all of your equipment. Heat one gallon of apple cider over medium heat. Add all five pounds of brown sugar. Stir in the packet of brewer's yeast. Remove the cider from the heat source. Add the other four gallons of apple cider to the five-gallon container.

The features that make Applejack different from hard cider or apple wine is that it has a … Applejack is made by storing completely finished apple wine at below freezing temperatures. … Subscribe for special deals, guides, recipes & more:.

First step is to heat up one gallon of apple cider in a stockpot and dissolve sugar in pot completely. Next step is to mix in the remaining 4 gallons of apple cider into a sanitized fermentation bucket. Let mixture cool to below 75 degrees and then add yeast.