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The real point here is that making gwine is not necessarily about following a wine recipe, but rather, going through a procedure of adjustments based on …

Part 1. Ensure your equipment is thoroughly sterilized and then rinsed clean. Select your g.s, tossing out rotten or peculiar-looking g.s. Wash your g.s thoroughly. Remove the stems. Crush the g.s to release the juice (called "must") into the primary fermentation container. Add wine yeast.

Bring just to a boil, simmer till skins on the g.s pop, Mash the g.s in the water, Strain juice into a non-metallic container, through several layers of cheese cloth or a clean dish towel to remove g. pulp, seeds and stems. Reserve the juice, Throw away stems and pulp.

Ingre.nts. pulp from 6-10 pounds Concord g.s. 1 gallon (minus one cup) water. 8-10 ounces red g. concentrate or Concord g. juice. 2 pounds granulated sugar. 2 teaspoon acid blend or juice from 1 lemon and 2 thin slices of winesap apple. 1/8 teaspoon tannin or 1 used teabag. 1/2 teaspoon yeast nutrient. wine