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24 Uses for Oranges. Eat them! How can you use a whole orange without waste? This smells heavenly and cleans even better. Make an herbal tea. Make orange zest and freeze it with water in ice cube trays. Make old fashioned marmalade! Dry and powder the rinds. Make natural citrus cleaner with orange rinds and white …

Mar 22, 2013 Make your regular recipe for brownies and add at least 3 oranges worth of orange zest, and substitute orange juice for any liquid. Marinate and cook pork shoulder or pork tenderloin in fresh orange juice. Heavenly! Slice your oranges in half, and put the halves in a baking dish.

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reviews … Start with yellow cake mix and Mandarin oranges to make this cake
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Nov 29, 2017 7 Creative Ways to Use an Abundance of Holiday Oranges. Freeze Them. Gently remove the skin of your oranges with a paring knife, and segment the oranges, removing all membranes and seeds. 2. Make Juice. 3. Make Concentrate. Infuse Your Favorite Liquor. Brighten Up a Recipe. Freeze the Zest. 7. Make Candy.