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Put the chopped rhubarb into your (sterilized) fermentation bucket, and add the sugar and mix it together. Put the lid on your container and leave it for three days. 3. Pound the pulp up a bit with a clean wine bottle or potato masher, then stir in three liters (a generous 3 quarts) of boiled but cooled water.

Ingre.nts. 1 gallon water. 3 pounds light honey or 2.5 pounds sugar (honey is recommended) 3 pounds rhubarb stalks. 6-ounce can frozen apple or white gjuice (optional – if used, reduce sugar or honey by 1/4 pound) No acid blend. 1/8 teaspoon tannin. 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient. 1 Campden tablet, crushed.

Ingre.nts for Recipe #2. 3 pounds Rhubarb, leaves removed. 3 cups organic sugar. 3 quarts non-cholrinated water for tea plus 3 quarts of non-chlorinated warm water. Black tea (to brew in 3 quarts of water above) 1/4 lb raisins. 1/4 lb of light honey. 1 crushed Campden tablet. 1 tsp yeast nutrient.

Apr 26, 2012 – When this happens, you know it's time. Time to make sweet rhubarb wine. Sweet Rhubarb Wine Recipe. The final wine is sweet and golden in …