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Steps. Crush berries by hand in a sterile plastic bucket. Boil one third of the sugar with 3 pints water for one minute. Add yeast to 4 oz of warm (not boiling) water and stand for 10 minutes. Pour the cooled syrup into the berries. Cover the bucket with a clean cloth and leave in a warm place for seven days.

Jul 1, 2018 – Pour the sugar water over the blackberries and stir. Once the water has cooled down, add the wine yeast and the yeast nutrient, and stir. Cover your brew bin, and leave it in a warm, dark place for four or five days, stirring it every day.

Directions. Mix juice, water and sugar in a large container. Put container is a cool place and let it rest for 3 days. Skim off any junk from the top again and add brandy. Pour wine into bottles and seal well.