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WATCH. Recipe of the Day. Three Melon Smoothie. This smoothie featuring watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew is very… Watermelon Preserves. A wonderful watermelon preserve that will keep the flavor of summer handy all year.… Watermelon Agua Fresca. Watermelon Tomato Salsa. Spicy Watermelon. WATCH. Watermelon Sherbet.

Make use of the melon at its juicy best with these surprising recipes. 1 of 11 Christopher Baker. Asian Pork Burgers With Minted Watermelon. 2 of 11 Kana Okada. 3 of 11 Christopher Baker. 4 of 11 Yunhee Kim. 5 of 11 Maura McEvoy. 6 of 11 Quentin Bacon. 7 of 11 Christopher Baker. 8 of 11 James Baigrie.

These creative watermelon recipes are easy to make and allow you to savor
every … Use the simple syrup base to make the flavor combination of your choice
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