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Jul 17, 2016 Ingre.nts. 3 pounds fresh strawberries. 2 pounds granulated cane sugar. 2 teaspoons citric acid or wine acid blend. 5 pints clean water (non-chlorinated) 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient. 1 package of wine yeast.

The strawberry wine does not present these types of wine making problems. …. In
other words if 1/4 tsp. per gallon of Pectic Enzyme is called for and you are …

This post was updated on: July 1, 2018 … This strawberry wine recipe will teach
you how to do it. Done well, this is probably the best homemade … 2 glass 
demijohns (at least one gallon in size), plus a fitted airlock and bung. ​A large …