Recipes for watermelon fruit pizza recipe of list recipes in the blog The grouping is slightly different from the category arrangement in the navigation menu. Hopefully this list makes it easier to find the desired recipe Watermelon Fruit Pizza Recipe :

Preparation. Combine yogurt, honey and vanilla in a small bowl. Spread ¼ cup yogurt mixture over each slice of watermelon. Cut each slice into 8 wedges. Top with strawberries, blackberries and mint.

Chop the mint. Use a high-speed blender or an electric mixer to whip cream and vanilla just until firm (don't over-mix, or you'll get butter!) Spread whipped cream on the watermelon "crust," then top with berries and mint. Cut each pizza into eight equal slices and serve immediately.

What You Need. 1 slice watermelon (1 inch thick), cut from center of melon. 1/3 cup (1/3 of 8-oz. tub) PHILADELPHIA Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread. 1 cup sliced strawberries. 1/4 cup BAKER'S ANGEL FLAKE Coconut, toasted. 1 Tbsp. torn fresh mint leaves.

Sep 18, 2017 – Watermelon Fruit Pizza is this crazy simple recipe that my kids literally went NUTS for. You know you're doing something right when the kids …