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Aug 1, 2015 – So why not upgrade watermelon from an off-the-rind treat to a summer staple? … From sorbet to salsa, we've rounded up 10 simple watermelon recipes for your seasonal pleasure. And if you're a real melon-head, try hosting a watermelon-themed dinner party — water you waiting for?

Jun 15, 2015 – Heat a wok or strong bottomed pan, add ghee, after it gets heated add cashews and raisins. With the remaining ghee, add shredded watermelon rind(chopped) and sauté for 2 mins or until the raw smell leaves. Add milk powder to it and give a quick stir. Add milk and allow it boils for few mins.

Mar 29, 2012 – Watermelon (Tarboosni, Tarbooz) Recipes: Collection of Indian recipes with watermelon as the star ingre.nt. Easy watermelonDessert Mango Lychee Ice Cream. Popular Recipes. Rasam. Vegetarian South Indian …