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Preparation Method. Clean the Ceramic/Glass Jar and allow it to sun dry before using it for making wine. Boil water and allow it to cool completely. Clean and wash the g.s well and remove the stalks. Dissolve yeast in luke warm water and keep it aside for 10-15 minutes so that it rises.

Now take a big glass jar or ceramic / porcelain jar with a tight lid (preferable ceramic and it should fit double the quantity of the gmix). First make the first layer with the crushed g.s followed by wheat kernels. Then add in the whole spices like, cinnamon and cloves. Add the yeast mixture, sugar.

Nov 28, 2017 – Remove the g.s from the stem, wash and dry well. Clean and dry a large non reactive jar (see notes). Measure the sugar and set aside. Divide the sugar and g.s into equal number of portions. Repeat this process until all the fruit is used up. Close the lid and store in a dark place, away from light and heat.